15 August 2009

Misc Projects & Luck

This funny little bag has a great story. Driving back from Texas, we went through Miami, AZ an old mining town. Dave was showing the kids the historic part when -- lo and behold a quilt store appeared. The car quite naturally wanted to stop! What a sweet guy, he went with me to browse. A very nice lady chatted us up! Dave spotted a Jelly Roll (the 2" strips of coordinated fabric rolled up). He wanted to know what it was and if I had one. (No I did not.) The owner explained the whole idea of these strip sets to him. He really wanted me to have one. Turns out the little box I bought had two jelly rolls that made two little bags.

I love the colors! I sent the second roll and pattern to my sister in Texas. Dave is proud of his expanded sewing vocabulary - Jelly Roll. Up to now he knows fat quarter and add-a-quarter ruler.

My linen skirt is a simple drop waist pattern, Simplicity 2609. This really is a cute pattern, even better than it looks on the pattern. I fell in love with this sheer, light-weight linen. It has a nice drape. I had to line it with a little slip. I used a nice, thin knit from Christine Jonson's fabrics.

No I didn't make the linen blouse. Just dumb luck, I bought it on a sale rack for about $5.00. Washed it, ironed it and hung it up. I happened to noticed it matched my skirt perfectly. I'll probably put a belt with it. I'll post another picture when the outfit all comes together.

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Suzy said...

Love the colors on the jelly roll bag. In our house, jelly roll means something to eat!