01 September 2014

Summer Sewing & Knitting

The dress and top are both for Janna.   If I get her to model, I will immediately change this post picture! The Christine Jonson wrap dress is easy to construct. Next time I will raise the V neckline a little. I ordered the ITY knit - either Gorgeous Fabrics or Fabric.com. (It's aged, so I've forgotten.)

Another jersey knit - 4 way stretch made in a favorite Jalie pattern.
Fabric from dear old big box store! I worried about the hem because it is double in front due to the lap over. With some help  -- serging on bias fusible tape....it worked out perfectly.

 Ah...finally.....my hand-knit hoodie cover up. Fell in love with magazine picture months ago. Yarn is a soy silk from SWTC, they have an outlet here. I used size 7 needles. The actual color is a beautiful sage green. Very fun to make.

This adorable straw bag is a gift from a really cute lady who comes out to visit my neighbor every year. I told Sandy I was in love with her bag.  I searched all over the net - every place was sold out. One afternoon she came over and gave the purse to me --  saying she had enjoyed it enough and she had a new bag.
How sweet is that!

I quickly made Sandy a couple of my favorite zip pouches.
I actually have Sandy to thank for getting me blogging again because she liked Ella's blog so much.

31 March 2014

Group Sewing Friday

 Our scrap quilt donation to the community sewing center.

I am going to get in so much trouble for publishing these pictures!
Evidently I took only candid shots.
I didn't ask for smiles.
These are serious women, huh?
(Looks like I left Leslie and myself out...oh well.)



Cornelia's pillow cases for a charity.

Cornelia's new bags.

Leslie's stack of table toppers. Some are gifts and some donations.

03 March 2014

Preservation Project & a Bonus!

In January I worked with a few  ladies who cut and sewed all day -  creating covers for the archival hangers used for costume storage at the Phoenix Art Museum Fashion Institute. 
The textile curator supervised and she was very particular about the fabric she selected and the thread she provided.  First we had a very interesting lecture on textile preservation. Turns out the covers go directly on the molded hangers (not over the garments) to protect the textiles from any fumes that are emitted by the synthetic plastic. Even the serger threads will NOT touch the garments.
 Directions were very specific. Our goal was 500 covers which we accomplished. We sewed like a sweat shop all day and most of us took more covers home to complete. 
OK  - not very exciting sewing but wait -  there is a reward. Volunteers will have a private tour of the costume vault.  The Fashion Design Department Director and her staff will be arranging it  after the Hollywood  exhibit  opens. Evidently they are all in a tizzy right now!

  Hollywood Costume  opens this month. This  is the first and only showing ever west of the Mississippi. 
(Click on Hollywood for fascinating tails.)

A related tour is coming up as a result of  special interest Art Appreciation lecture class I am taking at Phoenix College. Class members  will be treated to a special advance preview tour of the Hollywood exhibition.
(Yes, I am excited!)

02 March 2014

Catch up?

Evidently I took a self-imposed sabbatical from blogging. Who knows? My mojo deserts me frequently.

Couple of things I would like to share.

Seen on line recently, 4-year-old Fashionista:
1643876  1643876

Her name is Mayhem. Yes, adorable, precious and so on.   Mom says they only take a few minutes to make and Mayhem takes a very active design and construction role. See more here 

Now take a look at this 4-year-old young fashionista -

This little southern lady models a crepe paper dress her mom made! Most likely she was in a recital or a flower girl. She is well known in my circle of friends!
Can you guess who she might be?
(Hint: she still has curly hair)

Go on guess.....in the comments section.