02 August 2011

Yarn & Yoga

Here we are  the "Yarn & Yoga" group
(Mary Ann was missing this week.)

 From left to right: Linda, Carol, Pat, Sylvia D, Mary Lee, Noreen (our yoga teacher) and me in the back. We meet once a month for show and tell and coffee. We've tried meeting at several coffee shops but found that a near by McDonald's is the most comfortable place. The manager there often serves us - what a hoot.
 Everyone knits their own project.
 We learn a lot from each other.
 We are awed by the projects.
 We experiment pretty often.
We have a great, relaxing time together.
Yeah for Yarn & Yoga!
Look at the artist's blog


Noreen said...

Love this group!

quilteddogs said...

I recognize that scarf and felted bag. Looks like a good group of gals.

Sissie said...

Quiltdogs - you SHOULD recognize that scarf LOL. BTW the crochet necklace keeps on going - it has a life of it's own.