08 August 2011

Commission Work!!

Dear daughter ask me to make a baby shower gift. Oh my, I am so past baby sewing. But...ah, ha! I had a piece of  baby-print flannel that I had tried, unsuccessfully to hand off to friends. My good fortune - it's blue and the  recipient to be is a boy.  My standard baby gift is a large receiving blanket, flannel without batting. A personalized embroidery in the corner and voila' a practical and cute baby gift.

Then I thought...those  baby burp cloths made from pre-fold diapers are so nice.. Why not make a couple of those as well. (Yeah...well that's the trouble with thinking. Simple things can end up not so simple. First I bought the wrong diapers, back to the box store. Actually the diaper quality wasn't that great but...whatever. I'm on a mission!

Embroidery Library has a great little  tutorial on making the burp cloths. No problem. Oops  --  a trip to the fabric store for the flannel backing and a tad more for embellishment. (And oh, wow...our 35th Ave store has moved and oh, wow!) Several hours later and a a few buck lighter, I am back home on the job.

I customize the embroideries, hunt up the polyester threads (bleach resistant) and find the right  stabilizer. Almost finished...only a few glitches.   And then...tah, dah, sweet daughter says..."Oh, Mom I hope his name is on the burp pads too. I want everyone to know they are handmade!"  Oops.....no name on the pads.
 Okey dokey, I reverse sew a bit while I watch a few more re-runs of  NCIS. And now we're done! Whew.

Baby boy Cooper, I hope you like these! 
And honestly, I did enjoy the process and the final product.


sewnews said...

Very nice you do good work!

Noreen said...

They are fabulous. That new Mom is gonna love 'em! Your daughter will be a star at that baby shower!