22 July 2011

New Tee-shirts & other

My friend Jo Anna decided to test out some t-shirt patterns. She wisely ordered an inexpensive knit to try out her patterns. She got a nice black and white knit  (she's like me -  definitely colorized a winter.) She was ready to start this project b/w fabric when she noticed.....a design in the fabric which was NOT obvious  in the on-line picture.
No-way was Jo Anna going to wear this shirt which has a sort of an Ed Hardy look. Yes, there are  Devil faces and some Día de los Muertos skulls.

 So...guess who was gifted the fabric? Yeah, right....I'll wear anything! LOL
 The tee is a basic pattern but so modified it is unlike the original pattern. The scraps left the cutting table motivated me to embellish a bit. I added a raw edge ruffle and two flowers. I applied the ruffle just off center front and continued around just over one shoulder.  (You see how unbalanced I am?) I love it! Thanks to Jo Anna (who evidently knows  me very well.)

I used some stash fabric for my next shirt. (From our local crazy, fabric  place, SAS, where we buy fabric by the pound.) The pattern I used is  Jalie 2804, Empire Crossover. I'm not real crazy about the fit. The pattern has an optional  "modestly panel" piece for the V neck. I wonder why...the whole thing comes up too high anyway. Actually,  it looks sort of dorky. Oh well, I'll work on modifications next time.

I had more success here....I used Urban Threads designs on these cup towels. My friend, Cornelia and I say, cup towels,  while others say "tea towels."  LOL...you can't take the Texas out of the girls.


sewnews said...

T shir tis great - like those new designs

Sz said...

Where Oh Where did Joanna get that B/W fabric. I love it! Just love it!