18 June 2011

New Kitchen!

The counter tops are finished. The roll out shelves are done, the sink and new disposal all done.  Wow!   We've touched up paint  and only have a few more tweaks to go. It is lovely. Feels like it has always been here!

Tah, dah.....here it is. This is before the paint touch up but you get the idea.
LOVE the granite behind the cook top.

The island piece has such beautiful lines.

Absolutely love this sink! And the ledge under the window.



sewnews said...

Very pretty

quilteddogs said...

Love it. I would be very jealous if I were the cook in my family. I guess I do have some twinges of the green eyed monster.

Sissie said...

Strangest thing you feel like a gourmet chef right away.

sz said...

Love the kitchen. Looks wonderful.

But, this is getting strange. Too many similarities. We have the same faucet - different color, same type of sink - different color, same color cabinets...

Are we related? Sisters from different Mother's in another life?

Sissie said...

Oh my gosh SZ, that is strange!