17 March 2011


  I hate to admit how happy I am not be selected for jury duty.
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However my judge was awesome. 
He was humorous and inspirational. He told us that our country asks us to do  4 things: 
vote, serve on juries, pay taxes and serve in the military.  

(Well, three out of four isn't bad.) 

 My attitude improved just listening to the judge. 
I walked around the downtown area during lunch. 
 There is a restful grassy place near the Orpheum Theatre.
It's beautifully landscaped with a lovely water feature. 
The trees were full of birds.
I listened to a street musician as well.
Did I have my camera? No! Drats!

Sew...back to my happy life!

I finished this wall hanging yesterday.
What you see is the March scene from 
Kim Schaefer's Calendar Quilts project book.
This book is a bargain - all twelve months for about $12.
I think I got the pattern book on sale.
I fused and stitched the raw edge appliquéd pieces onto a pieced background. 
Very fun but the BEST part is......

every fabric and thread in this wall hanging was from my stash. 

I've been told that means it was free! At the very least it was a stash burner.

My little Texas Lilac Mountain Laurel tree is full of intensely purple blossoms.
In the past it had only one or two blooms.
They smell a little bit  like real lilacs. 
Ahhhhh -- take a deep breath.
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sewnews said...

Very nice wall hanging. Is your tree the same thing as a Texas Laurel? My mother-in-law used to have a small tree with similar blooms. Lovely tree.

Thunderpaws said...

I love the lilac tree. Do they really grown here? Do they take much fussing? Sunlight? How tall?

1001 Questions.

Sissie said...

I stand corrected, Texas Laurel is more like my tree. i don't think real lilacs grow here. There are several things that are close..but nothing smells like the real thing. I'll put a link on the blog.

quilteddogs said...

I love jury duty. I know...it's odd. What a cool wallhanging. I just love it!