28 February 2011

Manhattan Beach, CA

Babysitting two dogs in a beach house on Manhattan Beach is tough work - hey - somebody has to do it! Yes it was February, cold but often sunny and nice! It rained some too. Still so much fun!

Doreen is starting out with the dogs.

Typical homes

Walking The Strand  

Bad picture - good color!
Surfers never quit!

LMU Mascot - a photo op
It was a typical, beautiful California Day when we visited Loyola's campus.

Sugar girl in her dorm
View from campus


sewnews said...

February or not what fun. So envious

suzy said...

Who goes to LMU? I went to LMU. It is a truly beautiful campus.

No rollerskating on the strand, being towed by the dogs?

Ella said...

OMG - LMU too? You've missed the old posts about the goddaughter...search on Liana or LMU. she is finishing her soph. year. Next semester will be abroad. It is a gorgeous campus. Roller skating on the strand for sure.

Noreen said...

There's nothing like walking on the beach! And the homes are sites are outstanding! A friend and I stayed at a beach house on Mission Beach and walked to LaJolla for lunch and back! What a great walk. The others with us drove...