29 January 2011

Be Mine!

I love Valentine's Day...love the hearts and colors!  I got a little wall hanging done. I used thick batting for the little trapunto designs. I like the results.
(You gotta love that puppy!)

 This little, pink bag  was a gift for Allison, who is  4-years old. I had the bag, just added embellishment. Allison comes into yoga class to help mom layout her mat, before she goes to child care. Well, Allison and I really hit it off. We always do a couple of Downward Dog poses and a Bridge before she has to go. She is as cute as a button.

Tea towels for Leslie's birthday.
ID fobs for the girls.
This is a small bag for my yoga teacher, Noreen. I love the fabric! 
The message is so Zen. 
The back says "Breathe"
(Click to enlarge and look at the cute little zipper pull.)

A favorite card made in the embroidery hoop.
Happy Valentine's Day!


sewnews said...

OMG you have been so busy. I cant seem to get in to my sewing room.

quilteddogs said...

Love the wallhanging. And where do you get a zipper pull like that?

Ella said...

Thanks girls...I haven't done that much. Have to work hard to keep up with you. I really have no idea where that pull came from. It was in my stash of buttons & such.