05 October 2010

A Snowball In September

If you have a goddaughter you probably have a god-dog!
In our case we've had a number of god-dogs.
Meet Snowball
 Snowball came to Liana one Christmas 12 or 13 years ago. Santa delivered Snowball on Christmas Day. Godparents were key players in the secretive delivery. We had her about a week before Christmas.That was a hoot!

Snowball has never had a sleep-over until last week.
Truly she adapted very well -- or maybe we did. 
We did have to bring over her special stairway to the bed. 
Oh yes, she has to have stairs!
Snowball finds the turtles!

Amazingly she spends a lot of time outdoors. Most especially since she took on turtle patrol.
 I'm NOT touching..I just want to follow you!
Yikes, don't move so suddenly!

Was Ella thrilled? No, not at all. Her sleep over was cancelled!

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sewnews said...

Love the ears flying! What a cute dog