11 August 2010

Sewing out of my box

 Show & Tell helps sewists a lot. Friends' projects, ideas and input keep me inspired. For example  I am envious of Quiltdogsmy "bag making"  friend. Occasionally I see her bags in person and often on her blog...lots of beautiful bags. I finally made a bag that I actually love! (see last post.)   Maybe you have to make a large number of bags before you fall in love with one.

Last weekend I tried to catch up (won't happen) with Thunderpaws Threads. She produces a new garment every week. Under her influence I purchased two Jalie patterns. (She let me know there was a sale!) I allowed the patterns to sit around, collect some dust, be petted and age a bit.
Jalie 2910 Faux Wrap Top

Finally got them traced. I am really pleased with the results. Good fit and easy directions.  The 3/4 length sleeve top is for the daughter. It's a good color for her.  The sheer knit print looks like ancient ruins.

The second pattern was fun, unusual construction but fun. The fabric make me happy! 
Jalie 2794 Sweetheart Top

Ah, notice my live model here. I only took one snap and her eyes blinked so - I am not allowed to show the face! ;-D

As it turns out the sweetheart neck is adorable on her! And being "jeans day" at her work.....guess where my dotted top is today?   Gotta love it!

Now if I can only catch up with my embroidery buddy.


Thunderpaws Threads said...

It's a requirement that patterns have to age a bit before before they're used. The sediment from the ink needs to settle, right?

Next up - need to see you in the Jalie's!

quilteddogs said...

Thanks for the shout out.