16 June 2010

Memorial Day in the Pines

  I'm so far behind in every way.  The family has a new video camera - if I understand this correctly it is HD with some sort of stabilizer. 
 Here you see who is getting training.... definitely the two camera buffs!

Meanwhile (in cool pines) someone has to be compulsive. Junior takes care of the gutters...I can't look!
Ella (in a quiet moment) cares for neither activity.
I am the only one taking pictures.....
Geeze, I wish I had taken pictures of the great food the kids grilled! 
Oh well...next time. What a calm weekend - no complaints from me!
 I finished a pager burner book. 
The new Lee Child novel (#1 on NY Times best seller.)
61 Hours
 I love my library!

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quilteddogs said...

Lovely! My job in Prescott is to clean the gutters as well.