05 May 2010


Random things that are going on here....
The neighbors called, they saw a coyote on our street. I chased it down and took a picture.
Some coyote - notice the tags!   OK....they got a little confused. But their ocotillo is sure pretty!

My reading group met at my house this week. That was fun!  The book we read made for some pretty good conversation.

Most of the women in the group are in my yoga class as well.

 I'm still working on the Orange Marmalade quilt I started at the Ogallah Festival. Nine patches sure take a lot of stitchin'.

 This little summer topper is still on my needles. Again...a lot of stitches and not the kind of knitting you do while watching tv.

I'm reading two fantastic books!


quilteddogs said...

Your blog is looking so professional. Very nice flowers for your book club. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Who is it for? There was a coyote in my 'hood.

sissie said...

Oh thanks for noticing the flowers...I suppose I thought I was Martha Stewart that day!! As for the quilt...I dunno who it is for. I used mostly stash fabric. I bough a couple of coordinates. I love to do that!

sewnews said...

What a beautiful table you set. The quilt looks terrific. Love the knitted top.