29 March 2010

New Family

Not too much blogging lately - so much going on!

March SAGA #1:
The weather is so nice, several of our box turtles are waking up. I was out feeding them....... AH,HA! What looked like a tiny leaf was instead a very new baby! Eventually I found four tiny babies. They are so cute, bitty eyes, tiny bitty nails and tails! Their shells are still very soft. Here is their first picture, getting a warm bath. (not too pretty!) They are feisty

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Mo, March 2010.
(The originals plus Rasty, were in 2007) This time the kids are going to grow up outside and not in an aquarium!
These guys are a bit of a surprise to us. We adopted out our "studly" guy, Stripy. He was obsessed with the girls!
It looked like the Nature Channel when he was here.
I off-loaded him to my friend who has a turtle.
(Surprise they had babies last year!!)

I'm pretty sure "Red Neck" fathered these guys! He really is an attractive guy in mating season and evidently busy!

These guys are NOT slow! Watch Eenie go!


sewnews said...

OMGH! More turtles! They are so cute and running like toddlers learning to crawl.

sewnews said...

You can hear grandog panting on the video. Sounds like get on with it will you!

sissie said...

LOL - You are so right! Ella is trying to play ball while we situate the babies in a safe habitat. She could care less about turtles!!!

quilteddogs said...

Too cute! Can't believe Ella isn't interested.