11 February 2010

February in the Desert

So you think our desert landscape might be boring about now?  Not in my friend's friends backyard garden!
I went over for lemons but I came home with broccoli and cauliflower! Her winter garden has lettuce, herbs, onions and garlic and loads of other stuff I am forgetting!  It is just terrific!

Lynn always grows lots of flowers but this is her first year growing all these veggies.

 What a success!
Here she is with her prolific lemon tree!  (I think the lemons may grow even without her expertise!)

And of course Jazmine would like to have the last word...
"excuse me, where is my snack?"


quilteddogs said...

I thought I recognized that veggie garden. What a good picture of Lynn as well.

sewnews said...

Thanks for posting. The garden is fun willbe planting tomtoes soon.