04 October 2008

Trip to Zion National Park

We just got back from a trip to Utah. We met my niece's family there at a very nice camp ground. We had a wonderful time. They have 4 children - the oldest is 7 so we kept busy and pretty worn out! We all took a Zion hike for 2 1/2 hours, up to a middle pool and waterfall. It is so beautiful there! Every night the kids used their new Dutch Ovens to cook dinner. That was really fascinating. Dave & I stayed in Knab by ourselves one night for a relaxing get-away. The Victorian Charm Inn was really nice! We totally kicked back, walked around the little town and had dinner. Knab is an old town with a really nice little park with historical information. Unfortunately, it was getting too dark for me to take many pictures there.

The picture of the Colorado River was taken at Navajo Bridge, near Lee's Ferry. We always stop there to walk out and look for condors. There were none to view on this trip but it is a magnificent viewing stop.


quilteddogs said...

We were in Zion in Jan. It was freezing!! Did you drive through the big tunnel?

sissie said...

Oh yeah! The second time we convoyed behind the nieces's car. We had one of the kids with us. Brothers in both vehicles yelled back and forth to each other all the while we were in the tunnel. That was so funny!