21 August 2008

      I'm  on a roll - finally! I've completed 4 knit tops in a week. My plan was a couple for me and two for DD. Umm....it may not work out that way!
This beautiful, colorful knit is an Emma Seabrook fabric. I used her t-shirt pattern. I had to make some adjustments because the knit was very stretchy. It has a beautiful drape. Can be dressy or casual - made for DD - she looks fantastic in it

The patterned shirt is Vogue 8323. I like the fit of the princess seams. My friend and I bought the fabric from JoAnn's for a test run for the new pattern. Actually it turned out very nice and I'll wear it with the sleeves pushed up. Originally the DD sort of smiled at the fabric. I made it for me. But she came over and tried it on...guess what? She fills it out and looks stellar in it. Why does it always work out that way?

The paisley, mauve is fabric from Christine Jonson. It is a very
soft, cotton/lycra. I love the feel of this fabric and wish I had it in
a dozen different colors! Definately made for me...but guess where
it is visiting right now? Uh, huh. Of course I'm thrilled she likes it.

And last - not least - is this extremely fun, deconstructed fabric. A friend had this fabulous fabric at our annual Sewing Retreat. I rushed to be just like her and ordered it from http://www.gorgeousfabrics.com/ . *Oops girl friend says this might from Textile Studio - you check it out. It is basically a mesh with a lycra overlay that has been slashed. The lycra hangs loosly attached - like an old, tattered picture. The photos are old movie stars such as Hedy Lamar. Stunning! I bought two yards. This tee is for my Aunt Mary. I think it will knock her socks off! I played with an old Stretch & Sew raglan pattern for the right fit. Now to make MINE!


Anonymous said...

Here we go again--I hope we are successful. At least I found the spot. Do you have any patterns from Textile studio?

Hope this works this time

Here I go to publish

quilteddogs said...

You sew girl!

Jackie said...

Last time I did anon. This time I'll do Open ID--it may not work---
It didn't---sent me to typepad or some other area--did name this time--