07 May 2009

Ella Speaks Out

Since Daisy was on the blog this week - I get some time. As you see I have a nice summer cut. Last week Grammie said, "Ella Mae, we are having a dinner party Saturday night. You have to look your best and please be on your best behavior." Well, duh.....I am always on my best behavior. I heard that the party was an anniversary for grammie and grampa. And they thought the kids were cooking and inviting folks over for them. Ha! I know darn well they all came to see me.

It was indeed a swell party. Lots of chopping and cooking. I have to be on alert for any morsels that fall to the floor. My favorite people came: Leslie, Eddie, Becky and my new friend Rick. He loves me! If only he would take me riding in that big red truck!

I live with my masters on Kelton Lane. You surely know that I am registered with AKA as Ella of Kelton Lane. Yes, I am. Here is my schedule: Friday through Tuesday with my masters. By Tuesday I am tired of them. They drive me to grammie's house for "Family Dinner Night." Then I stay with the grams until Friday night.

They are "Disney Grandparents." We do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING TOGETHER. I hardly ever get a nap. By Friday they seem to need a break so I weekend at home. I rest up on Monday and Tuesday while the masters work for my food and toys. Then I start all over again.

This old picture below is with my Lammy. I often bring Lammy to bed with me. I have plenty of balls and toys at each of my homes. It's a good life.

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sewnews said...

Oh Miss Ella you are so beautiful. I know the party was all about you.